Duck Art Gallery

…because rubber ducks are such patient art models

Digital Duck Scribbles

Arr! … Quack! … Quackrrr!!

A “mixed-media” duck scribble. An oil painting was the basis for a digital collage. Because oil paint is very pretty, but sometimes it just needs more random scribbles and cartoon effects.

Ducks in Oil Paint

Ducks on the march… I mean swim? Ok, fine, ducks on the table.
Duck art in progress…. These little guys just get everywhere!

Rubber ducks entering the art world!

These rubber ducks originally held office jobs. Their specialties included “rubber duck debugging” and improving employee morale. Now that they work from home, the ducks here go on adventures all over the house.

Ducks make excellent models in still life paintings:

  • They’re small and easy to place in a scene.
  • They come in bright colors.
  • Their beaks can point across a composition to keep the viewers eye moving. Pose them strategically for a more dynamic feel to your painting/drawing/scribble.
  • They’re easy to anthropomorphize. It’s possible to give them a personality, a pose, or a facial expression.
  • They make people happy. Sing the “rubber duckie” song and try not to smile, I dare you. 😄 🐥 🦆

This is just a small sample of our rubber duck art collection. Much like the ducks themselves, the duck art can rotate and change from time to time.