Doing things the hard way….

Wow, I am not good at keeping things simple. Want to make a website? There’s tons of tools out there to simplify the process, but they all add their own layers of obfuscation between me and what I’m building. I like bare bones simplicity. I mean, not too bare bones — I’m not going to write my whole site as html in a text editor. And I’ll certainly rely on others to provide the tricky/important pieces, like anything related to security. But I like to know, as much as possible, what all the components are that I’m working with.

I spent ages reading about bits of web technology, host providers, etc., and picking out exactly what I wanted1. Which is a bit funny, because I used to be a software engineer, and when I got into art I was hoping to get as far away from computers as possible. But then I did a little bit of digital art work, and a little more, and gradually found myself working in the digital realm more than half the time. And that was before I started working on this website and finally getting around to learning things about DNS (yes, I should have known some of those things as a software engineer, but it was never directly related to my projects so I always put off learning about it).

So it’s been very slow and I’m starting to worry about getting everything done in the time I’d planned. But then I remember that I’m still at the very beginning of the learning curve, and I’ll probably start picking up speed once I stop getting lost on the basics. It’ll still take a while, but I do want to learn those basics. I believe it will pay dividends — hopefully in managing my own shop for a long time. 🤞

But for now, it’s well past time to get away from the computer and spend some time with my plants or something!

[1] (From a technical perspective, that is. I haven’t even started to get the artistic/gallery look that I want. So this technical stuff is really just a form of procrastination.)

By Cat L.

I'm an artist and former software engineer who enjoys painting plants and ducks, trying to learn a dozen things at once, and doing everything the hard way. Learning a lot in the process of setting up my own online shop!

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